We love insects. We study them. Our work is about them.

But the punishing work hours, family obligations, social life (or lack thereof), there is no respite from it. Let alone if we want to keep our passion enriched and burning.

This is where the Entomologist Lounge comes in.

It does not matter what you do. Whether you are in research, pest management, agriculture, public health or even if you are a hobbyist. Students, professors, technicians, consultants, officers, parents, volunteers – you are all welcomed here.

So, step out of your day job for a break. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage. Play nice music. Find that perfect spot and chill. Begin scrolling.

This is the chicken soup for an entomologist’s soul.



Jo-Lynn Teh is ESA Board Certified Entomologist based in Singapore. While her specialisation is on tropical insects that affect public health and agriculture, Jo-Lynn’s passion is also to help people understand insects. Find her on LinkedIn.