Featured on ATTN:

In September 2018, I was interviewed in ATTN: about my article on insect hotels in the Netherlands. Here's a short clip here! To view the full video, you can watch it on ATTN: platform here. To read the article, click here. Thanks for watching and more importantly, thanks for visiting my blog and interacting with … Continue reading Featured on ATTN:


“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

(This is a book review by the Entomologist Lounge) “Rarely does a single book alter the course of history, but Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring did exactly that,” reads the flyleaf of the front cover. This is the book that single-handedly brought together: A congressional hearing under orders of President John F. Kennedy The establishment of … Continue reading “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

What is a sandfly in Singapore, really? The final low-down.

We all talk about sandflies. Those seemingly invisible blood suckers that roam the sandy shores of Singapore, from East Coast Park to Coney Island and Chek Jawa. Their presence is unknown until they deliver painful bites and then they disappear into thin air, leaving behind those red bumps that last very long and itch endlessly. … Continue reading What is a sandfly in Singapore, really? The final low-down.